around 800 Fairview Ave N at the east side bus stop between Aloha St and Valley St
Seattle, Washington 98109
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The hate crime happened on 4/9 around 11:45 to 11:50 PM as my East Asian male colleague and myself (East Asian female) were walking with two others to lunch near the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The male perpetrator was a thin built white male around late 30s to late 40s about 5'6" to 5'8", who was walking to the bus stop on the east side of Fairview Ave N, between Aloha S and Valley St, when he passed my East Asian male colleague and spat at him twice on his side and back of his shoulder. The white male was saying, "Yes, that's you" multiple times at me and at my East Asian male colleague. He then paused, saw me walking directly behind my colleague. We briefly made eye contact, then he spat twice at me. He did not spit at the two others with me and my East Asian male colleague, as they were not East Asian. I proceeded to keep walking and did not engage with the male perpetrator. The female that was walking besides me was a witness to this hate crime as well and able to give details. Unfortunately, my East Asian male colleague was not aware of what happened as it occurred behind his back directly in front of me.