Evergreen and Columbia Blvds
Vancouver, Washington 98660
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at around 11AM in downtown, Vancouver, WA I was sitting alone outside a coffee shop reading. A group of five white customers were at the other outdoor table to my right. A black man in sunglasses carrying a tablet walked by and asked me why I was wearing a mask. When I said for protection, he began to rant "Protection from what? Excuse me?! Protection from reading?!?!" He proceeded to scream "What planet are you from?!?! See, you don't belong here!" He pointed to the group of white bystanders who were not wearing masks screaming, "They belong here, but you don't belong here!" He took off hi sunglasses and came close, but were still separated by the table. He eventually walked away, but a half hour later, when I was unlocking my bike around the corner, he again started screaming at me. And once again, a few blocks away where I was trying to meet friends at a park, we happened to cross paths and he started charging at me. I was on my bike so didn't feel in real physical threat because he couldn't catch me and there were numerous bystanders, this being outside of a farmer's market where a line of people were waiting to enter.