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On Thursday 4/29th/2021 late afternon, while I was out with my 6 years old daughter for her swim lesson. My husband was home alone after his long day from work while he is eating dinner. Someone knocked on the door very loud.

My husband picked through the window and saw Eric, the neighbor so he opend the door to see what he wants, Eric stated to yelling at my husband “ Are you okay!” start video taping my husband while his 4 years old daughter stand next to him. So my husband respond was “ I am okay. Are you okay?”. Then Eric stated to yelling at my husband Hendrik again, “ Are you okay!” So my husband told him to get off from our property. Then Eric started to yelling again "Be a man, lets fight”.
My husband was worried that Eric was at our house to pick a fight. So my husband started video taped him for his own safety. Eric started get louder and louder for Hendrik to fight. So my husband heard landlord Josh was at the his parents Gloria and Jim property( right behing our house) so he walked over there to help and saw them how Eric act insane and being bully to us.

Since Covid-19 this is ongoing problem for us. We want Eric to stay in his property and stop harrasing ,bullying and racist comment.

Please help us with this on going problem since Covid 19 started since I’m Asian and my husband is Mexican decent. I know he is constantly harassing us because our ethnic background and his landlord think it is no big deal.

We attached the video for you to see Thank you for your consideration and time.