650 south orcas st suite 125
American diagnostics inc
Seattle, Washington 98101
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American Diagnostic is an extremely racist drug testing place. I am a black man. I went in to get drug tested for a new job. TWO times they denied testing my pee. And claimed that it was “fake pee.” I requested a swab or for someone to watch as I urinated. They denied both and kicked me out. There were witnesses.

They responded with “we test black guys all the time. We aren’t racist.”

King county declared racism as a public health crisis. And this is a prime example of it. Amazon sends their potential employees here. And now because of this incident, I have to drive to Renton to get tested.

I called and requested information regarding the business owner and they responded “good luck with that” and hung up.”

I am extremely distraught and unmotivated in regards to this event. I just moved to Seattle from the South thinking that Anti-blackness and racism would be something I wouldn’t have to deal with as much.

I would like to speak to someone in regards to this incident.