225 Andover Park W Tukwila, WA 98188-9997
United States Postal Office
Tukwila, Washington 98188
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I was dropping off a package at the post office, and arrived there at about 2:15-2:20pm on Tuesday, June 1st. The incident took place around 2:26pm (according to the time stamp of the pictures). As I exited the front post office building to go back to my car, a white man yelled, "Bitch, I ain't got no disease." I was taken aback by it because it was completely unexpected. I know masks are more relaxed now in my area due to more people being vaccinated, but you still have to wear a mask in public spaces. I believe he reacted this way to me because I wore a mask, I'm Asian American, and more specifically he reacted to my dodging him so I would remain 6+ feet away from him. This is the exit after all, and he was too close for comfort. After he yelled, "Bitch, I ain't got no disease!" at me, I went in to my car and it took me about a minute to recollect myself because I was a bit shaken up. I took a picture of his car. Thankfully, because right after that he proceeded to inch close to my car with his car, flipped me off, went behind my vehicle, rolled down his window, spat on my car, flipped me off again as he sped away. I was able to get the first three numbers of his license plate. It looked like it may be out of state or it was a new license plate because it didn't look like the typical Washington State plates. The first 3 numbers could potentially be: 174 or 173.