Brackett Apartments
Edmonds, Washington 98020
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I first moved to Brackett apartments in March 2019. The white male, looks like in his 30s, came up to me out of the blue when I was moving my things to my house. He had then asked me if I could sit in his car and step on his brake pedal of his white beater chevy sedan because he wanted to see what light wasn't working and my gut instincts went off because he didn't have good energy! I told him that I would go and check his lights to see which one isn't working. Then he said thanks and then went to his house. I told the landlords and they said that that's strange because he has a wife to do that for him. I also told the police, being that I was asking for advice and the police told me that it's good that I listened to my gut instincts because WA has some bad people that are wanted for crimes.
As time went on, every time I went to my front door, that neighbor would go to his front door peephole and laugh hysterically, or his wife would do the same. And they did that each time I went to my house. They live on the 2nd floor across from me and an older Asian woman lived right below them. I used to talk to her and she would tell me to watch out because Edmonds doesn't have good people and that they are racist.
During that duration I had asked the landlords if I could get a ring door camera and it was approved. I wanted it because the racist white neighbors next door made me feel unsafe. They also had heavy foot traffic to their house, and him calling me a nigger to his white friend. I am brown skin mixed race (European, Asian, and Native mixed). He also said the "niggers are moving into this neighborhood." to his white friends. He also repeatedly said "nigger" over and over again.
He also had other white women over and they seem to be polygamous. I also told the landlords that they kept hitting my walls and thus how it all started and why I got my door camera too.
His wife sounded like she was accusing me of trying to break into their house. And that's caught on camera too. And she works for a law firm. She's very paranoid and I have never met her, nor would ever want to.
They also look like they are carrying guns, as there are videos where she makes it obvious that she's carrying one.
And in another video, her husband talks about her shooting.
They also have connections and friends with the police in Edmonds, as an Edmonds police told me that they know them personally. That's scary.
Also there's videos where an older white visitor in his 60s, went to their house and left their house quickly saying "he is sick!", as in he's not all there.
Also the landlords at Brackett seem to be for white racists, as there has been Asians moving out fast. They also tend to delete anything that notes about them being racist on their rental reviews. I know that because I went to see if there were other people that complained about racism and there had been other Asians that did leave comments on how the landlords at Brackett are racist. They deleted it.