Brackett Apartments
Edmonds, Washington 98020
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Hate crime, harassment and stalking from the beginning of 03/2019 to 03/2021 in Edmonds, WA.
The couple are white racists that are in their 30s. He has dirty blond hair that looks like he's balding. He has a mustache and works as an exercise coach from what I was told. I really didn't want to know that information and really didn't care, but the workers at the townhouse complex told me that. He stands at 5'10" and is skinny medium. He looks like he's Scottish white racist. The racist white woman has brunette hair and is thin / medium built. She looks like she's 5'5" and looks unattractive, lacking a chin. She looks like a typical clone of how plain jane brunette white racists look like.

Those two white racists have harassed an older Asian woman that lived under their house, by stomping on her ceiling, dropping things on purpose, jumping loudly, etc. I know this because he has golf clubs and hit my wall and her ceiling. She moved out last October 2020 and she suggested that I move too because "it's getting worse." I am mixed race and I moved out in the beginning / middle of 03/2021. The racist white male called me "nigger." I am mixed race with brown skin. The racist white woman is paranoid. I had a ring door alarm that caught on how paranoid she is. In one video she says, "she's not going to break into our house?" and her racist white husband says "no." She also kept checking the front door after her racist white husband locked their front door and checks to see if its locked by turning their front door knob. I got my ring door alarm for safety and because those next door neighbors were also harassing me. The landlords seem to be on their side, as they are mostly white workers too. I reported the incidents to the police in Edmonds, but they also some seem to be white racists too. Plus a white cop told me that she personally knows the racist white neighbors that she's going to call them to tell them.

I honestly didn't know that Edmonds is known as a "rich white high class" neighborhood. It looks more like a run down trash area in some areas and many white people there are paranoid delusional, as if they have mental problems. They like to stalk and scare people of color, from what I seen, and then they run away fast. They're really creepy out there and they like to harass people. I honestly didn't know about Edmonds, WA. I have no doubt that they have some clans residing there or domestic terrorists.

As for the neighbors, most of them are white racists that like to harass people of color. And again, the landlords seem to keep white racists there. Not only was I harassed by white racist male neighbors, but also their white racist women were instigators and very paranoid. I really do not understand how they're that paranoid towards people of color, yet they all drive Asian cars.
I made police incident reports and sometimes some white cops would try to brush it off and ask why I would want an incident made for. I had one white cop tell me that he's smarter than me. I really do not know where that came from, but I hung up on him because he's clearly racist. I also knew he was white because he has a white last name and was trying to correct me on the constitution, which was scary. He's just a creepy white racist cop and I didn't want to talk to him anymore.

As for those white racists that lives in that townhouse that was next door to where I lived at, and they harassed me for 2 yrs., from 03/2019 - 03/14/2021. They kept going to their front door peephole to watch me and would laugh an evil laugh. They would also talk crap amongst each other. They would also listen in on me talking on my phone. I know this because the walls are thin, they left their windows and sliding door open and laughed when I said that those white racist neighbors are troublesome and might also be doing drugs too. I also have a ring video where they waited for me to leave and they were sitting in their car watching me. Then they started heading to their house, but was watching me walk away in the opposite direction and started talking crap about me, laughing.

I honestly didn't do anything to them. They hit my wall a lot, made a lot of noise, then started harassing me. I even told the landlords about it. The landlords suggested that I move to another unit away from them, but in that same racist white neighborhood. Also those white racist couple knew about it too and was laughing about it. They even said that if I don't move out, that they'll get me kicked out.
Again, they have paranoid mental issues, are cowards and are evil. They made a lot of trouble and made believe that they didn't do anything, but I have that as video evidence. They hide behind white professions that "protect" them because of the racist discriminatory white privilege. They harass people of color with their hate crimes. I wonder how many more people of color they harassed too.
The white neighbors that lives around the building are white racists too. Scary evil racist place.