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We live near the Magnolia village and my almost 3 year old son loves the small playground next to the Magnolia Community Center. When coming back home today around 12PM from the playground, my boy notices a Ferrari and as he loves cars he gets closer to the car to look at it. My wife explained to the driver that our son loves cars and that he has a replica of a Ferrari. That is when this racist driver started harassing my wife saying stuff like "you Asian girls love expensive cars", "this is how I get Asian girls", "I have a friend running a strip bar in Asia" insulting Asian female as a whole. Not to mention he also said things like "does your husband work for facebook, if he does you guys will be too poor to own something like this". As a first generation immigrant, she wasn't able to argue with this person due to language barriers and came home with tears in her eyes. I am so shocked that this happened (this is not the first time but first time posting here) in such a peaceful neighborhood in the middle of the day when a mother was peacefully walking with his 3 year old son. I am writing so that people acknowledge that this has happened and becuase I don't want anyone else to experience something like this again.