9701 Rainier Ave S
The Stonehouse Cafe
Seattle, Washington 98118
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My wife and I, both Asian females, visited the Stonehouse Cafe to join a colleague of mine who is White. We went there once previously last Friday and worked for a few hours. When my colleague sat down, the staff was friendly towards him. They helped him set up his computer and charger. As soon as my wife and I walked in, staff started looking at us. A moment later, the owner came out and started badgering us about "staying here for too long". He questioned specifically my behavior in my last visit, having heard other staff talking about me. The questioning went on for five to ten minutes, during which we kept asking, "Do you want us to leave?", to which he replied no, but wouldn't leave us alone. We had to leave along with our colleague who was also outraged by the discriminatory behavior.