1420 E 44th St
Khmer Theravadin Buddhist Temple
Tacoma, Washington 98404
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This happened on September 22nd, 2021, at night around 11:40 pm. Lasting until 12:20 am on Wednesday when the police arrived. 1 white male and 2 dark haired females were cutting the fence wire to let their white van into the Buddhist temple. The temple’s 67-year-old residential nun went to investigate and was met with 2 of the suspects pushing her to the ground and punching her on the head and ribs. The male aggressor held her by the legs and swung her around. One of the dark-haired women started choking the elderly nun on the ground while a man held her feet down. They were shouting incredibly xenophobic statements such as, “You don’t belong here!” and “Get out of Tacoma!” She was sent to the ER and wants to keep her identity anonymous.

The police were called but most suspects fled the scene. A single arrest was made, and it was one of the dark-haired women named REDACTEDNAME.

These suspects have been terrorizing the Buddhist temple since March 2021. They've been breaking windows, doors, and even tried to burn the temple. One time they brought in a stolen U-Haul truck to steal items from the temple. Every time when the police were called, they had enough time to flee the scene. This recent deadly assault on one of our Nun's was the first time one of them got arrested.

That night, they brought in a white van with the intention of breaking into the temple. Around 11:40pm they drove up to the locked entrance of the temple and took out their fence cutters. One of the nuns heard the commotion and woke up to investigate. She saw through her window a group of people trying to cut through the fence. When the nun confronted the intruders at the fence, they instantly attacked her. First, kicking her down to the ground and punching her all over. Multiple aggressors did this to her. She was dragged across the dirt by the male aggressor until she couldn't muster up the strength to fight back. When she was in a vulnerable state, REDACTEDNAME (the lady who got arrest that night) started choking the Nun. While the Nun was being choked on the ground, that's when the monk started recording the video you see now. I believe you can see an older male with a white shirt trying to tug the male aggressor (black shirt). I'm being told that it was another temple resident that came later to protect the Buddhist nun. The male aggressor got a hold on the back of his neck and pushed him against the ground and held both of his hands together. 2 temple residents were protecting themselves from 2 intruders at this point. This whole interaction lasted around half an hour until 8 policemen arrived at the scene around 12:20 am ish and made an arrest on REDACTEDNAME around 12:50am.

I shared two other videos with you below where you can hear some xenophobic statements from the other dark-haired women behind the fence saying, "Get the f*** out of Tacoma!". And you can see a male temple elder on the ground shirtless while the male aggressor was holding both of them down. Can we acknowledge that the Asian elders who were being assaulted were around 70 years old and the attackers look to be in their 20's or 30's? The temple residents are not in any way shape or form capable of fending off intruders but would sacrifice themselves for their temple and religion.

Now, the video with police escorting REDACTEDNAME (the women who choked the nun) out of the temple was the last video I currently have. You can hear a male voice saying in Khmer, "That white guy was the woman's boyfriend (derogatory). He's coming over to cause trouble". He focuses the camera on a larger white male with an all-black outfit. I'm assuming he was able to walk past the police officers because he didn't look like an aggressor during that time. But he was affiliated with the invaders. The police just couldn't understand what the male Khmer recorder said. Due to the language barrier, only 1 of the 3 attackers were arrested while the rest fled the scene.