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Note: This is for being coughed at because I look Asian (I'm mixed race and am part Asian) and have not been coughed on.
I have been working there since Fall of 2021 and have experienced racial discrimination from the European-American employees there. Every time I went to work, a white employee would look at me and cough. It happened so many a times and it couldn't be me because I have a healthy hygiene and take a bath everyday. It's because I am mixed race (Indigenous european, asian, and african), but also because people confuse on the way I look, as some see me as Asian. This has been ongoing and there's been several white employees that has done it, which are in either management and or employee. They do not have any Asian worker there, except for mostly white employees. They have a couple of other Asians that works in the office / stops by, but they are higher up management and the white employees do not cough until they leave. This has been ongoing since I been there and have seen and heard it many a times. I have also seen this happen when a manager had to speak to an Asian woman and he coughed when he seen her and also when she was leaving too. He didn't cough when there were other races around, nor did she smell either.
The most recent time was Wednesday, March 27, 2022, when I was told to stop by the office. A new white employee had seen me and started coughing immensely. I was talking to another white employee, but she is nice and isn't from this country. I told her that it's good that she's wearing her mask, as I was too, but the other 2 employees (including the one coughing) wasn't wearing their masks.
I went there to speak to the manager and to be there for a meeting. As soon as I left that room to go to another room, the white employee (that kept coughing) had stopped coughing. I then went into the room with the white manager and we were going over a project. He then coughed and then proceeded on with the meeting.
There's also other Asian employees (not mixed race) that work for the company, but they either work at home and or in other countries. I also noticed that the white employees watch carefully that they do not cough at those other Asian employees because they rank higher management than they do.
This has been ongoing and it's uncomfortable. I know many white people won't wash their hands with soap and water when they use the restroom, as they just walk out of the stalls (especially after making number 2) and go back to their jobs again. It's uncomfortable how they think they are clean, yet cough whenever they see Asians and or people that look like Asians, such as Native Americans.