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In Beaux Arts of Bellevue, there's racism that happens quite frequently to people of color (Black, Native American, Mexican) and Asians. This has to do with being called racist names from an old white woman that continuously harassed and yelled at me, being mixed race myself. From what I have experienced is that because I'm mixed race, people do not know what race I am. White people think that I'm Asian, Native American, African, and or Mexican, which I am all of that, including European heritage. I've had India Indians cough at me because some thinks I look Chinese. It's very strange how India Indians do that as they tend to act like they are white, but are also Asian themselves. The white people in Bellevue do not like them. I've had purebred Chinese avoid me and or instigate trouble to me because I look Native American and or Mexican to them. I've had black people think that I'm either Asian and treat me bad by giving me hateful stares, and or think that I'm Mexican and are friendly to me.
There is a lot of racism in Bellevue and I reside here. I still am blamed because of the color of my skin and or the way I look.
The last incident was when an India Indian couple (in their 30s) seen me and both didn't have masks on. The woman instantly looked at me and kept coughing, which I know that India Indians has a tendency of copying white people, but do not realize that even white people do not like them here.
The male was watching his wife, while she was trying to instigate. I avoided them and took the stairs instead, only to find them parked near my car. I told her off and she left me alone after.
The racism in Bellevue is ongoing.